Monday, December 29, 2008

Traditional Pakistani Food

Health and Happiness to all my Readers!

Today I have for you something different, something like a culinary treat. Being an American with Asian roots, I have had exposure to a wide variety of foods from the simplest to the most exotic, from the totally bland to the fiery hot fiesta food that can light up every cell in your body!

I love food and I must confess that I love authentic Pakistani food. This blog is about healthy food and authentic Asian food which is just as healthy. So I am going to try my best to create a blissful and tasty mixture of foods from both the east and the west.

When one thinks of Pakistani food it would be a crime not to mention the traditional Lahori food. Lahore is in the Punjab Province of Pakistan and is a very busy metropolitan city. The splendor of Lahore is mostly accredited to the historical Mogul architecture in various parts of the city and of course, the traditional authentic Pakistani Food. Many people even call Lahore the CULINARY CAPITAL of Pakistan.

Now if you want to make sure you are able to try all the best and most popular traditional foods then be sure to head straight for the Gawalmandi FOOD STREET. It is THE PLACE for people who want to TASTE Lahore!

If you are a food lover this place is not to be missed!!

A very popular and heavy brunch that is a specialty in Lahore is HALWA-POORI. It is also famous in western parts of India especially East Punjab. Halwa -poori has developed into a traditional breakfast consisting three main components which are:

1. The Poori : A flat bread made of white flour which is deep fried for 2-3 seconds till it blows up into a ball. It is very soft and crispy

2. The Halwa : A sweetmeat made with semolina and loaded with sliced almonds and pistachios.

3. The Curry: It is called Aloo choolay, which means potato and chickpea curry. It is very spicy and very tasty.

4. Condiments: Traditional mango pickle and onion pickle are also served along with fresh yogurt.

This dish is a flavorful combination of sweet and spicy and is sooooo good! You have to try it to believe it..or take my word for it !
Happy Eating!


Harvey D. said...

i love the picture of poori. i felt hungry of all a sudden. it looks yummy and tea online

Kamran said...

There are famous dishes that hugely accepted and incorporated into some of our cultures. These include: the pot roast beef fillet. This is involves preparing marinated beef with spices mixed with yogurt. It is usually served hot with flat bread (naan). It is the most common meat dish. The other delicacies are the rice dishes that Pakistani has to offer. They use the Basmati type when it comes to rice. The most common rice dish being offered is the Biryani which comes in several varieties such as the Sindhi Biryani and the Tahiri. There are various condiments that accompany the rice for instance the Yakni Palao that creates a brown rice.

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