Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Color Sugar in just a few seconds!

Want to make sugar cookies, but don't have any colored sugar ?Well no worries! I have the world's most easy method to make your own colored sugar. You can dye it in a matter of seconds and even make new colors too!

In the modern world decorative and colored sugars can be easily available but also quite expensive. Well in my opinion if you have sugar and food color at home then why waste money on it?

In my part of the world we cant easily find these decorative items and they are only available at high class grocery stores that stock imported items. So its really a big hassle to get this kind of stuff. Some shops may only have one color or may be none at all. So I usually try to adapt the do-it-yourself mode in such a situation. Most of the items I make are from scratch. This way anyone can make them. Most recipes on the net involve many ready made items that are not available globally. For example Betty Crocker cake mixes, taco seasoning, etc. So making it from scratch makes it easy for anyone to follow.

Ok now for coloring the sugar. Take a jar and put the required amount of sugar in it. If the sugar has large crystals then that's the best kind to use. Otherwise any will do.

Now add a few drops of the required food color. I'm using green. Use a few drops initially and then increase the number of drops until you get the required color.

Now shake the bottle well and make sure all the sugar is evenly coated. and Viola! you have green sugar!

Tip: If your going to use it later then its best to spread the sugar out and let it dry and then store it.. Now enjoy sugar cookies and other desserts with colored sugar and no pinch on the wallet!


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