Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick & Easy Dessert Recipe: Candi Custard

There are so many varieties of desserts. Change one ingredient and you have added a whole new dimension to the dish. A dash of creativity and and a drop of imagination makes the possibilities endless.I have for you here a very quick, easy and yummy dessert recipe.With some slight variations you can create a new master piece every time.

Let me give you a run through of the basic dessert first and we can variate later. There are just 4 ingredients:

One box Candi Biscuits
( coarsely crushed)
2 cups thick cream
3 -4 Cups vanilla Custard (prepared and cooled)
Fruit ( either pineapple chunks, sliced bananas or apples sauteed with a little sugar )

Take a nice 8" glass dish and line it with the crushed Candi Biscuits, then pour prepared custard over it. Then layer it with thick cream and then the fruit. Repeat layers twice and end by covering top layer with the crushed cookies... Chill and enjoy... Now what could be more simple?

As for the variation you can variate by changing the type of cookies, the flavor of the custard/pudding and the fruits. For example use oatmeal cookies, chocolate pudding,strawberries and whipped cream for a whole new range of flavors! You can also add granola instead of the cookies to give it a crunch and turn it into a more healthy option. This dessert looks super in individual glass servings too.


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