Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nando's Peri Peri Chicken : Review

My family wanted to eat out and wanted a new experience. I had suggested Nando's as I had heard a lot about the "Peri Peri Chicken" , but still had not tried it. Since chicken is an all time favorite and a no-fail choice, therefore with a unanimous vote it was decided. Peri Peri is a small red hot fiery South African Chilli.

Ok now off we go. The ambiance was nice but it was quite a small place in Defense, Lahore, Pakistan. While trodding through the menu we found a very limited choice. Not many things to choose from. By this time the skeptic in me was wide awake and very busy analyzing every aspect of the experience.

The order: We are one of those people who relish all that is hot and spicy. Despite the warning that the waiter gave us , we decided to order the extra hot version of the whole chicken . Now this came with a choice of 4 side servings and viola! They only had a choice of 4 side servings.Hmmmm. I told the waiter to bring one of each. They were cole slaw, peri peri wedges, normal french fries and peri peri rice.

We were four people so the chicken was cut into 4 pieces. It seems that the chef put it on one plate and then cut it up as one plate was splattered with the sauce. Even so they could have taken a second to clean the plate. OK that's the second negative mark. The first was sticky dirty cutlery.

We all first tasted the 4 side orders. All passed with flying colors! We especially liked the peri peri rice. It was light, spicy and very different. Now for the main course. I carved out a piece and very skeptically tasted it. OK WOW! It was very very different, not very spicy but unique and delicious! I loved it! It was cooked well and very tasty. I must say being a food lover and avid recipe tester, this one was a winner! We will definitely try it again!

Ok now after this experience the cook in me wondered what could be a nice clone recipe that I can make from scratch at home. I know that we can easily find the Nando's marinades and sauces in the market, but I wanted something that I could make fresh and change it to suit my needs. I found the perfect peri peri recipe and am sharing here. Hope you enjoy it!


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